Tiki Tranquility

We have considered many things so far on this website: ideas, perspectives, physical structures and even states of mind. This site is, after all, about helping bring about “The Tiki Island State of Mind.” There is an importance to that, beyond the fun and enjoyment of partying and replicas of cool Polynesian artifacts. It is the importance of tranquility.

How many of us feel truly tranquil in our lives? Sadly, I’m afraid very, very few. Of course, I could reiterate ideas we’ve all heard about our “fast paces lives,” our digital addiction advancing each microsecond and our ever mounting responsibilities. But it is more than that. It is not simply finding a time when we aren’t doing anything else. It is about intentionally seeking a soul-deep discovery and celebration of tranquility in our lives.

Palm Trees and Tikis

Palm Trees and Tikis

Tikis can, with intention, become positive and therapeutic triggers to help us in our journey to find tranquility. Are tiki statues (or any other tiki related items) unique in that regard? No, they are not. They are, however, nicely suited to this task. Pavlov, in his research, was able to get dogs to salivate at the sound of a bell which, of course, had nothing to do with food. It was possible through the process of “Classical Conditioning,” or the pairing of stimuli. When stimuli are paired consistently over time, they become associated. The effects of one are elicited by the other.



Tiki Hut Relaxation

Tikis are already associated with tropical islands, palm trees, beautiful beaches and relaxation. It is no stretch, then, to think that they may easily become an associational object for peace and tranquility in our lives, if we so desire. They could be something that could trigger an associational response of inner peace and tranquility. Though clearly tiki staues, tiki huts and tiki torches are not imbued with any mystical or supernatural power (though Polynesians of a certain era may have dissagreed with that) they can become a healthy, positive element in our lives, over and above their fun and decorative appeal. They can truly serve to enhance our lives if we let them. Our thoughts, doubts and fears are all that keep us from it.